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Findmyexpert’s 2018 Global Gaming Expo diary

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David Copeland, CEO of Findmyexpert, talks through some of his key takeaways from G2E Las Vegas, including the huge opportunity for consultants. As the Findmyexpert team touched down at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport earlier this month, it was immediately clear that this would be the most hotly-anticipated Global Gaming Expo since the annual event was first hosted back in 2001. The expo, more commonly known as G2E, is a chance for gaming execs from the US and beyond to gather in Vegas and discuss the state of our industry. Of course, the 12 months since the event was last hosted have seen a monumental shift in the landscape of the US gaming industry. The Supreme Court’s decision in May to repeal the federal ban on sports betting - PASPA - has opened the gates to ...

Startups can disrupt iGaming – but they need a helping hand

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Hiring top talent and raising capital are two key issues iGaming startups face. This is how project-based consultants can help overcome these challenges and allow new businesses to thrive. The global iGaming landscape is changing. When the sector began to grow significantly in the early 2000s, it was very much a European affair. The key markets were focused in Europe, and many of the early movers were established businesses which had enjoyed decades of success in the land-based sector. Today’s environment is, of course, very different. More importantly, it is always evolving. Asia continues to grow at a remarkable pace. It remains the biggest iGaming market in the world, and while regulatory progress has been slow, the continent’s grey markets still offer plenty of opportun...

How project-based consulting can redefine the way companies outsource

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Project-based consulting is providing businesses and individuals around the world with a glimpse into the future of employment. Consulting is nothing new. For decades now, major management consultancies have built a multi-billion-dollar international industry by offering a range of services - covering everything from accountancy and legal to HR consulting and IT recruitment - to businesses in need of advice. Indeed, management consulting has become central to the business strategy of enterprises around the world. Project-based consulting builds upon these ideas to create a focused, agile and modern alternative better suited to today’s global workplace. It involves the client outsourcing a project to a business, marketing or general project consultant, allowing them to transfe...

Working in the USA: What you need to know

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Following the repeal of PASPA, the USA has become an attractive market for iGaming veterans from Europe and beyond. Whether an operator or an expert, here’s what you need to know about working in America… The notion of the American Dream has long inspired people from countries around the world to relocate to the US in search of work opportunities and a better quality of life. And following the Supreme Court’s decision to repeal the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) back in May, and the subsequent state-by-state roll-out of sports betting, the opportunity for iGaming professionals from Europe and beyond to take their experience and expertise Stateside has opened up proper. On paper, there are tremendous opportunities for both operators and experts to mutuall...

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