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Experts are in hot demand

BY Find My Expert CEO David Copeland explains why expert consultants from Europe will play a crucial role in emerging markets such as the USA 

In the gambling industry, expert consultants are in hot demand right now. With opportunities knocking in new and emerging countries such as the USA, the need for top-level talent from established markets such as Europe will only increase.

Here we look at why consulting is the way forward for many experts, and why now is the time to work on a project basis.

Demand from the USA will Rocket

One of the biggest opportunities right now lies in the USA. At the time of writing, online gambling is only legal in four US states, but with the first sites set to go live in Pennsylvania later this year.

As more states decide to get in on the action, this will lead to additional opportunities for consultants who possess the expert skill sets that are currently lacking in the US market.

The biggest opportunity will come from the legalization of sports betting, which we wrote about recently for iGaming Business. The Supreme Court is on the cusp of announcing its decision to repeal PASPA or not, with the odds very much in favour that it will.

Boom Time for Gambling Consultants

If it does, there will be a surge in demand for experts as operators look to gain the first mover advantage over their rivals. For top-level European consultants, this provides a huge opportunity to deploy their knowledge and expertise.

This is particularly true when it comes to roles in technology, marketing and finance. It is critical that operators hit the ground running in these areas, but in reality, most will have little knowledge and understanding of how to get it right.

We just have to look back at when New Jersey opened its doors to online casino back in 2013, and the millions of dollars spent on marketing. A few months later, and with little success, operators tightened their purse strings somewhat.

Experts from Europe hold the key to the success of US sportsbooks, and can secure very favourable terms for sharing their knowledge and expertise with casino and racetrack operators. What’s more, they don’t need to relocate to do this.

Avoiding the Hassle of Hiring, Visas, Etc.

Once live, the New Jersey sports betting market will grow fast. But for casino operators, hiring the experts they need from overseas can be a long and arduous process – interview, hire, visas, relocate, integrate into the team.

In the USA especially, this can take months – years in some cases. Finding the right people and arranging visas is a lengthy process, and that’s no use when operators need instant access to expertise and knowledge.

But project-based consultants can work remotely. The hiring process is quick and simple, and gives operators near instant access to the talent they need to get their sportsbooks up and running quickly and effectively.

Why Move Into Consulting?

As well as the huge growth in demand that consulting will see over coming years – not only in the USA but also in other markets – consulting brings with it many benefits for experienced professionals:

●     Work on projects that interest you

●     Choose projects where you can provide significant value

●     No need to worry about relocating

●     Enjoy a better work-life balance

●     Take more control over your career

●     Secure more favourable terms

Overcoming the Challenges of Consulting

Like anything, consulting brings its challenges. While the desire for greater freedom is appealing, you might also have worries about connecting with clients and being reimbursed fairly.

That’s where can help.

We connect you with trusted operators and suppliers while also dealing with payment and assisting with any problems that arise. It gives both parties greater peace of mind and opens up opportunities for consultants that they may not have found otherwise.

In short, we make sure you have fewer things to worry about so you can focus on doing what you love while working for the most exciting operators and suppliers in the industry.

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