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How project-based consulting can redefine the way companies outsource

BY Find My Expert

Project-based consulting is providing businesses and individuals around the world with a glimpse into the future of employment.

Consulting is nothing new. For decades now, major management consultancies have built a multi-billion-dollar international industry by offering a range of services – covering everything from accountancy and legal to HR consulting and IT recruitment – to businesses in need of advice.

Indeed, management consulting has become central to the business strategy of enterprises around the world.

Project-based consulting builds upon these ideas to create a focused, agile and modern alternative better suited to today’s global workplace.

It involves the client outsourcing a project to a business, marketing or general project consultant, allowing them to transfer their knowledge on a specialism before handing back control to the in-house team.

If there are any further issues for the consultant to iron out in the future, they can return for a further project to drive efficiencies and improvements and ensure the in-house team is operating as expected.

Project-based consulting enables organisations to access elite level talent from within their chosen industry whenever they need it, oftentimes without the need for legacy recruitment agencies.

For the expert, it provides flexibility while allowing them to work across a wide range of projects, sharing their knowledge accordingly.

Project-based consulting offers a new way for organisations to access the talent and knowledge they require to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment. And it allows these organisations to do so in a cost-effective and simple fashion.

This is the future of business growth.

Why is project-based consulting becoming increasingly popular?

Project-based consulting is a reaction to the modern demands of global organisations, which are not always best served by traditional HR consulting services or recruitment agencies.

Today, business operations looking to onboard the very best talent available on a permanent basis face a number of key challenges.

Top among these challenges is a lack of transparency when it comes to identifying exactly who this elite level talent is.

Of course, staffing projects with outsourced consultants is nothing new, but historically, businesses have had to employ the services of an HR consulting firm or recruitment agency to access specialist talent.

Depending on the model used to deliver the services, organisations had a number of valid concerns about this model. If the services were delivered via a recruitment agency, it was not always clear whether the talent provided was truly the best on the market. And to compound this, it was usually accompanied by a large fee.

If the services were delivered via a broader consultancy, it was hard to tell who exactly was doing the work. Organisations understandably want to know that the highly-experienced person they liaise with at the specialist agency is actually the person doing the work, and not a more junior member of the team. To date, this has never been guaranteed.

Then there are broader issues around the changing face of employment.

The International Labour Organisation reports that 75 percent of the world’s workers no longer fit the standard, traditional model of full-time employment. It follows that if workers no longer fit the model, organisations should not be using the same methods to access top talent.

A growing number of workers now seek and demand greater flexibility, in a bid to strike the right balance between work and lifestyle, with self-employment very much on the rise. This shift has been facilitated by the remarkable technological progress of the past 30 years, with many people now working remotely.

However, this change has caused a major headache for recruiters and organisations trying to tie down elite-level positions to full-time contracts. The reality is that top talent often now prefers to work on a project basis as well as remotely, rather than in a full-time, in-house role.

The final nail in the coffin of traditional recruitment agencies and HR consulting has been logistical red tape.

While we are often told the world is getting smaller, the last few years have seen a political shift, with many people keen on erecting new barriers against freedom of movement and trade.

Tougher immigration controls in the United States, as well as Brexit, are just two examples of where it is becoming increasingly difficult for employers in specialised industries to on-board world-class talent from overseas.

Without a doubt, these factors are being felt by the $500 billion global recruitment industry, which is struggling to provide an answer to the challenge of seamlessly positioning the best talent with the organisations that need it.

Fortunately, a new approach is fast growing in popularity.

How project-based consulting is reinventing recruitment

Project-based consulting provides a flexible approach to onboarding talent that chimes with modern business strategy.

New services and platforms such as Findmyexpert help to cut out the uncertainty of who is working on a project by allowing companies to go straight to the individuals behind the most successful projects for the biggest brands.

Findmyexpert is focused on the iGaming sector and is already providing experts to a number of leading organisations within the industry.

It empowers these organisations with a network of vetted experts possessing a proven track record of quality and deliverability. This means those businesses using the platform are assured that the expert they have engaged is the person undertaking the work.

The Findmyexpert platform provides a modern answer to consultancy that accounts for the way employment has been evolving over recent years.

Remote consulting is fast becoming the key driver behind the most successful companies in the world. Top talent is now demanding to work on a project-by-project basis, and if you want to access this talent, organisations need to adapt.

This is particularly true when it comes to onboarding from overseas, where top-performing candidates are not always keen to take a leap of faith and relocate with a new employer.

Organisations are finding that, to remain competitive, they need to listen to employee preferences. The project-based consulting model allows companies to drive business growth without compromising on quality, experience or expertise.

Finally, this new model offers a solution to the logistical issues many companies face when trying to recruit from abroad.

Platforms such as Findmyexpert provide a logical approach that combines technology with a network of top talent able to work remotely and efficiently.

This means that visa and work permit applications are a thing of the past, and employers no longer have to worry about long notice periods or expensive offer and counter-offer bidding wars.

On top of this, organisations also save on relocation costs, and eliminate the risk of locking an unsuitable candidate into a long-term contract.

What do I need to consider when working as a consultant?

It is not just the employer who gains a considerable upside.

For the expert, project-based consultancy can offer lucrative and varied work without the need to commit to a single company.

This means being able to choose the projects that the consultant is interested in, and accordingly dedicate their full effort to work they are both skilled at and enjoy.

While doing this, the expert will also find it easier to strike the right work/life balance, and not need to waste energy applying for visas or relocation to work on projects around the world.

So what makes a great consultant?

The first thing to consider is your level of expertise and where it can be deployed.

Don’t worry if you are not the world authority on a key industry. Having specialised knowledge and experience across a broad range of sectors can be extremely useful to the right organisation.

Think carefully about where you might fit within an organisation’s business strategy, and how you can help it grow.

The next step is to consider how to connect with organisations who may be interested in using your skills and expertise. The easiest approach to this is using a platform such as Findmyexpert, where hundreds of enterprises are searching for consultants on a daily basis.

Once you find a potential partner, there are service agreements, contracts and payments to think about. Again, Findmyexpert can assist here by handling much of the leg work when it comes to service agreements and payments.

Finally, it is a question of delivering. Track your activity carefully, so you can display the value your expertise is bringing the organisation.

What role will project-based consulting play in the iGaming industry?

Project-based consulting is very quickly becoming the norm across a whole host of industries. One where it is particularly well suited is the iGaming industry.

As new markets open up to iGaming around the world, local operators and suppliers need to access talent from established markets to ensure they capitalise on the opportunity.

Perhaps the most high profile example of this is the United States, which recently repealed PASPA, opening the door to legal sports betting for the first time.

Operators within the United States – particularly existing land-based casinos – are unlikely to have much direct experience in the sportsbook sector. So they are increasingly turning towards the mature sports betting markets of Europe to draft in expertise.

For operators in states such as New Jersey which are leading the charge when it comes to sports betting, onboarding the necessary talent to succeed is not easy.

In most states which choose to legalise sports betting, there will still be multiple hurdles to employing non-US citizens in key roles.

There will be significant red tape, in the form of visas, work permits and in some cases state gaming licences. The process will be slow, at a time when acting quickly and decisively is critical.

So many of these operators are instead opting to take the project-based consultancy route for their business, bringing in expertise from Europe on a short-term basis and ensuring that knowledge is transferred to an in-house team.

Findmyexpert- the borderless solution for the global iGaming industry

Findmyexpert is already at the heart of this process. Unlike traditional HR consulting and recruitment agencies, it is designed with the modern iGaming industry in mind.

This means it enables seamless outsourcing of everything from marketing consultants to IT recruitment, at a fraction of the cost of a specialised agency.

It boasts a proprietary tech platform and a network of iGaming experts with a proven track record of success in markets around the world.

For any operator in an emerging market looking to draw upon an established knowledge base, whether than be in the United States or elsewhere, it is the only place to look.

The FME platform allows organisations to define their requirements and receive a curated shortlist of appropriate experts. They can then interact with their perfect match directly through the platform and ensure they share the same vision.

Once the organisation is ready to give the project the green light, they can use the FME platform to track timesheets and make invoice payments to their experts.

For experts, the first step is to apply to become a certified expert on the network, setting up a profile and uploading your portfolio. You can set your hourly rate up front to avoid awkward conversations down the line.

As FME is first-to-market in the iGaming industry – a sector that has an estimated 10,000+ businesses employing 250,000+ people – it is already building critical mass and placing experts at leading operators.

We expect to see FME scaling considerably over the coming months, and servicing the wider iGaming industry in the US and beyond.

In a sector where many businesses operate lean full-time staff but equally demand a great deal of expertise, project-based consulting is the only viable route.

Welcome to the future of employment.

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